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Australis – the pavilion C

Australia - from the geohistorical point of view – has been isolated from other continents for a long time and therefore has an entirely special flora. The biggest interest for botanists represents the sclerophyllous or hard-leaved vegetation with a high share of plants from the myrtle-family (Myrtaceae), including eucalypts (Eucalyptus) as a typical plant, also from the Protea-family (Proteaceae) and the pea family (Fabaceae) including the very large genus Acacia (Acacia).

Banksia media Banksia media The exhibition. The exhibition. Grevillea dielsiana Grevillea dielsiana

The Australian plants have very strange ecological features, e.g. the quite unusual rhythms of growth during the year. Their cultivation is therefore difficult. To create a plausible looking and at the same time a long lasting garden exhibit that looks natural in character is a hard nut to crack for gardeners and garden architects. It is no wonder that the informed experts consider the "Australis" pavilion as a top gem in our Botanical Garden..

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