Botanic garden

Flowery Selection – the pavilion I

While almost all the displays in the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden are designed to look natural, in this case a deliberate deviation from this style has been made. An interesting subject for botanical gardens is to represent the archaic assortment of ornamental plant species which have become obsolete as a consequence of life style changes. House plants from earlier times are no longer readily available due to the fact that rooms are generally smaller and are usually heated to a higher temperature than in the days of castles and large houses with conservatories. Therefore the recent assortment of house plants differs greatly from the old ones. [[trida:fotogalerie]]

Haemanthus katherinae Haemanthus katherinae The exhibition. The exhibition. Justicia brandegeeana Justicia brandegeeana

An example of “Japanese” scenery with a small pond and coloured carp is the central element of this exhibition, which stays in harmony with the very old varieties of camellias, which are perhaps the oldest in Europe.

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