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Neotropis – the pavilion E

The pavilion has been given the name Neotropis which is the scientific term for one of the world’s floral kingdoms which includes the tropics of the New World, i.e. American tropics. A number of ornamental plants have their origins there but a large number of neotropical plant species are unfamiliar to our visitors.

The exhibition. The exhibition. Vriesea carinata Vriesea carinata Heliconia chartacea Heliconia chartacea

The arrangement of the pavilion symbolises the tropical rainforest, which is the world’s richest biome. The forest is full of lianas, epiphytes, plants with huge leaves or megaphylls as well as of varicoloured herbs from the shady undercanopy. The richness of species becomes immeasurable just as one finds in nature. Viewing this pavilion therefore requires more time and attention than the exhibits in other parts of the Botanical Garden.

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