Botanic garden

Orchids – the display cases in the upper floor

The word "orchid" evokes an image of an noble exotic plant from tropical forests having superb flowers with a huge diversity of flower form. There are approximately 20 thousand orchid species, not counting the other thousands of cultivated varieties. The orchids are represented in all climatic belts; they are even found growing at the edge of the arctic belt. But the majority of orchid species occur in the tropics.

Paphiopedilum henryanum Paphiopedilum henryanum Masdevallia veitchiana Masdevallia veitchiana Rhynchostele cordata Rhynchostele cordata

Many species occur in restricted areas. Numerous attractive species are threatened by extinction and have to be protected against plundering under an international convention known by the acronym CITES. Also the general pressure of civilisation causes a fast and definitive extinction of many orchid species.

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