Botanic garden

Paleotropis – pavilion G

The floral kingdom bearing this name includes the tropics of the Old World, especially the Asian jungles and the rainforest of equatorial Africa. When we compare the character of this pavilion with the Neotropis exhibit in pavilion E (they both symbolise the biome of the tropical rainforest), we find here a more sombre, gloomy and oppressive atmosphere. This was the intention of the creators of this exhibit. The impression given is that man without nature is nothing, even though he may feel he is the omnipotent master of the planet. The plants in this pavilion therefore grow not in the way to be most accessible to the eyes of the visitors but rather as they would be found growing in character in nature.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (a cultivated variety) Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (a cultivated variety) The jungle within the pavilion. The jungle within the pavilion. Begonia diadema (Borneo) Begonia diadema (Borneo)

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