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Primeval plants – the pavilion H

The combination of plant species used in this pavilion does not occur in nature because it is an image of a very ancient geohistory, when the ferns and gymnosperms prevailed. These groups of plants retreated in later times because of competition from the more advanced angiospermous plants. The overall impression of this plant combination resembles the famous reconstruction of prehistoric landscapes by the prominent Czech painter Zdeněk Burian and his scientific collaborators.

Cycas circinalis, especial fertile leaves with seeds.                   Cycas circinalis, especial fertile leaves with seeds. The exhibition. The exhibition. Selaginella schlechteri Selaginella schlechteri

Botany cannot exist without investigation into the prehistory of plants as the whole system of botanical plant classification is based on historical evolution. In the “Prehistory” pavilion there are tree-like ferns and liana-like ferns, the biggest Czech collection of the clubmosses (Selaginella), a huge South American horsetail as well as the cycads (Cycas) from the time of the dinosaurs. In the showcase outside the pavilion there is a comprehensive collection of paleobotanical specimens (fossils) of all important plant developmental stages, which are not preserved in living form until recent times.

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